prim-i-tive  (adj) – to preserve the early stages of the historical development of something.

Why Primitive? Why would a church existing in the digital age of smart phones, i-pads and Internet use a name that is, well, so primitive? We are glad you asked. There is certainly a lot of history associated with this name. However, as the definition suggests, it expresses our conviction to engage and preserve the simplicity of New Testament Christianity as witnessed in the early church. While our facility is equipped with modern conveniences, our congregation strives to engage in the same four areas of church community as recorded in Acts 2:42, “And they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.

Pursuing this goal, our worship is centered upon the sovereignty of God’s love, sufficiency of Christ’s saving work and the power of the Holy Spirit for undeserving sinners. This truth keeps the focus and aim of our hearts on the preeminence of Christ and His centrality in the church. While we make no claim of being a perfect church, we strive to maintain the simplicity and beauty of New Testament corporate worship. As a diverse body of believers from different walks of life, we assemble as families where prayer, congregational singing and preaching unite as the means of praise and worship to the glory of God the Father.