Fellowship Primitive Baptist Church – Constitution Minutes

We the presbytery, have this day convened (August 14,1829) and constituted the church called Fellowship, upon the above abstract of principles. After inquiring for members of our faith and order, we received seven members by letter from various churches and five other members of Nancy Creek Church by their voucher for fellowship from the clerk.

Those who produced letters were:
Robert D. Inzer
Elizabeth Inzer
Sarah Parker
Isaiah Parker
Dicy Parker
James Cash
Peter Cash

Those received by a voucher were:
Robert Carruth
Rachel Leavill
Greenville Henderson
Jesse Wallis
Nancy Henderson

The whole numbers constituted are twelve.

3rd Inquired after fellowship and found peace.

4th Read a decorum for the government of the church and adopted the following, subject to revision at any subsequent conference.

Gave to each member united with this presbytery the right hand of fellowship and prayer being offered to Almighty God for his blessing to rest and abide on the church.

John Landers
Radford Gum Presbytery, August 14, 1829
James Hale