Into Africa Newsletter December 2020

“Taking Up the Mantle”
(II Kings 2:13)

Beloved Helpers in the Gospel,

               In my mind’s eye I can see young Elisha staring up into heaven as the fiery chariot of God was whisking ole Elijah into the world of glory. As he cried out in the glory of the moment he noticed the “mantle” of Elijah was at his feet almost calling to him to raise it up and continue the mission of reminding a nation of the covenant and of the God that they had forgotten. Notice closely that the “mantle” did not just fall onto his shoulders but that he had to with respect and humility lift it from the dust and accept all that comes with being a “mantle-bearer.” 

                In a similar way the disciples in the New Testament had seen the Lord Jesus “blast off to glory” (no chariot necessary for Him) and would take up the mantle of the Great Commission and “round the nations…Preach Their Lord!!!” Each generation since then has also been called upon by God to passionately and sacrificially spread the good news of Jesus Christ. We live among a nation that seemingly has “spiritual amnesia” and we need every “mantle-bearer” to rise and say, “Where is the God of Elijah?” 

              With this thought in mind we ask you to continue to remember our people and churches in Africa. Now more than ever they need our love, support, and encouragement. The government of these countries have placed heavy restrictions upon the churches in regards to their worship services and fellowship. Thankfully, we can report a great protection of God upon our assemblies and great boldness among the ministry to press on even through many challenges and difficulties. I believe they do so through the grace of God and have received a “double portion” for being willing to go the extra mile.

            Please continue to pray for this monumental work and for God’s favor to be upon it as we close out the difficult year of 2020. Please stay passionate about doing your part as a mantle-bearer” of spreading the glorious gospel of the kingdom. I hope this issue of “Into Africa” will thrill your heart and spur you on to “smite every Jordan” and walk across it on dry land.

Bwana Asifiwe,
                                                      Elder Nathan Pitney