Beloved Helpers in the Gospel,

                   It is almost 20 years ago this month that God first opened doors in my life to spread the gospel beyond the shores of America. As I look back over two decades of evangelistic endeavors abroad, there are several things that stand out in my mind. First is the greatness of the need for the truth in a world that is so prone to embrace a Christianity that is pleasing to the flesh and filled with error. It is such a blessing to know that “lighthouses” of truth have been established on the Dark Continent of Africa. We have battled the errors of Catholicism, Pentecostalism, Arminianism, and many others. The “truth” sets people free and humbles the pride of man and exalts the glory of God. I will never forget the words of Lackson Likawa when relating the feeling of freedom that comes with the simplicity of worshipping God in spirit and truth as opposed to the “charismatic” method he had been raised in. His words were, “ I was so tired of Jumping !!!!” Secondly, I am amazed at how God has opened up the hearts of his people in America to be the “loving instruments” of his hands to send evangelists, purchase Bibles, build church buildings, and feed the poor. The people that have been the greatest supporters of the work in Africa are not wealthy at all by American standards but are simply willing to share their blessings to see the kingdom advance in the world. I pray that God will continue to use these “kingdom entrepreneurs” to invest in fields that are white unto harvest. Finally, it fills my heart with joy to see the work continuing and gaining in strength. The elders in Kenya and Malawi are firmly established in doctrine and practice and are passing on this legacy to the next generation of believers. No one could have imagined that this work could have been possible 25 years ago and I give God all the glory for showing us that “he is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us”. May we all continue to be in his plan and power for years to come.

Soli Deo Gloria,          
                                                           Elder Nathan Pitney